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Chinese New Year

On February 12th this year, people in China will celebrate the Chinese New Year!
They will say goodbye to the year of the Rat, and welcome the year of the Ox.
Click on the videos below to find out more about China and how they celebrate the New Year.

Learn about China and how they celebrate the New Year. (Senior Classes)

Learn about how the Chinese celebrate the New Year (Junior Classes)

Watch this video to see the magic of the Lantern Festival 

This story tell us how the animals were chosen to have a year named after them

This video shows us how the Dragon Dance is performed

The Chinese are happy to say Goodbye to the year of the rat! They are looking forward to a better year ahead. Find out more about the Ox in this video.

Here are few art activities you might enjoy.

How to make a Chinese Lantern.


Paper plate Fans

You could look up some Chinese symbols on the internet and create a "Red Envelope", or a bookmark, or just draw them on a page and decorate!. Here are a few symbols.
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