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World Book Day

                     4th March 2021

This week we celebrate world book day. On this page you will find lots of information and suggested activities.

Click on the link below to visit the World Book Day website. There you will find out about various events that are taking place to celebrate World Book Day in Ireland. There is also a huge range of resources available on the website.

Click through this Power Point to learn more about World Book Day

Click on the videos below to hear from some of our favourite children's authors

World Book Day Activities for you to try

1. Design a cover for your favourite Book.

You could add a couple of sentences to say what you like about the book, as shown in this example.


2. Celebrate your favourite Character

You could dress up as your favourite character. 

Or create your very own character using toilet roll tubes!

download (1).jpg

3. Design and make a book mark

More Ideas...
bookmark 2.jpg

4. Lots more activities for you to download and enjoy!

Try doodling like Tom Gates

Click through the slides below and try to figure out who the "Masked Readers" are...

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