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Usually at this time of year, to coincide with Catholic schools week, we celebrate Grandparents Day! Unfortunately we will not be able to invite our Grandparents in to our school this year so we will have to celebrate virtually!

The very special bond between Grandparents and their Garandchildren is to be celebrated and cherished especially this year where so many children have been separated from their grandparents who may have been cocooning. So let's make an extra effort this year to do something nice for them

Here is a list of ideas for how you can make your Grandparents feel special this week

1. A simple phonecall to see how they are, and fill them in on what you have been getting up to.

2. Make a "Virtual Hug", like the one the little boy Adam on the toy show made, and send it to them.

3. Make a card and send it to them. You could include the following message on the inside, or make up your own.

"Grandparents have ears that always listen,

Arms that always hug and hold,

Love that's never ending,

And a heart that is made of gold."

4. Compose an Acrostic Poem using the word Granny/Grandad/Nana/Grandparents

5. You will find lots of poems like this one on the internet. You could choose a poem and write it out, or compose your own poem, then decorate it. Maybe add a photo.

6. Grandparents love talking about the "Good Old Days!" Conduct an interview over the phone with them to find out more about their lives growing up.

7. If you have a Grandparent who is no longer with us, write their name in a flower like this one, (or design your own flower) and colour it in. Email a picture of it to your teacher and we will create a "Garden of Remembrance".

8. If you are lucky enough to live close to your Grandparents, you could bake something nice and drop it in to them.

More Activities/Templates to Download

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