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Rewild Your child- Nature North West

Exploring nature at any age is good for your mind and body. Follow the links connected to this page to discover easy ways to explore nature with your children. This section is dedicated to outdoor learning ~ teaching nature at home. These short videos can be used at home as a tool to help guide your child through nature learning.

Hawthorn and Blackthorn

This resource starts with a simple game with a very common plant called plantain. Then a piece about the difference between Hawthorn and Blackthorn. Then a short piece on how to find bugs in bushes.

Finding Primroses and Dandelions.  

A short activity for junior classes around

two types of flowers and why bees need them.

Willow Tree flowers and why Bumblebees

like them.  

The story of willow catkins and their use for

bees in spring.


Click on the Song Thrush to listen to the calls of common Irish birds.

Four butterflies and two easy outdoor activities. 

 A video and quiz about some spring butterflies.  

Followed by two activities: 

1.  How to make a butterfly outdoors  

2.  How to make a butterfly lifecycle outdoors.

Orange Butterfly 2
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