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St.Brigid's Day

                  February 1st

St.Brigid is one of the Patron Saints of Ireland. We celebrate her feast day on the 1st of February every year. Click on the videos below to learn all about St.Brigid.

Brigid's cross.jpg

This video tells us all about St.Brigid's life

Watch this video to learn about the legend of "Brat Bríde"

(Bigid's Cloak)

Click here to learn how to make a St.Brigid's Cross

Click on the links below each picture to download and print these St.Brigid's day colouring sheets.

Snip - Brigid's cloak senior.pdf - Googl
Snip - Brigid's cloak junior.pdf - Googl
Snip - Brigids cross mindfullness.pdf -
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