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river studies

Aengus Kennedy came into 3rd and 4th class Thursday the 12th of April. We went to Mullantyboyle river to carry out river studies. Before we left to go to Mullantyboyle we made nature books which had a pocket and also had a list of bugs in it . We brought all the equipment needed such as wellies, nets, trays, buckets and jars with magnifiying lids. We saw many birds on the way down to the river. We saw the Willow warbler ,the Raven, Heron,Crane ,Dipper, Starling and the thrush.When we got down to the river we had a bite to eat and then Aengus showed us the kick sample which lasted 30 seconds. Afterwards he put us in groups of 3. Then he gave each group a net . We started looking for insects in the river . Altogether there was 14 clean bugs ,33 middling bugs and 53 dirty bugs. We found out that the owena river is fairly polluted .Afterwards we went through the fields and found many plants and trees. We found wild garlic,riparian trees, wild strawberry plants and a sycamore tree. We also learnt that salmon came in and lay 1000s of eggs. After that we came back to school. It was a great day

By Erin and Emily

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