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TOT on Tuesday

On Tuesday 2nd April we had our first T.O.T Day.This is our Trot on Tuesday Day and it means we all are encouraged to walk ,cycle or carpool to school.

This initiative was organised by the Green School Committee and a banner was carried which said 'We are walking to school'

It was great fun and it was very healthy.

We walked from the fountain up to the school and once we got to school we had fruit and scones.

the reason we had a T.O.T day is because we are trying to get our 4th Green Flag.

We are really trying to think before we hop into our car.

By reducing the number of cars on the road we are doing our bit for the environment by reducing carbon emmissions.

It will also make us healthier.

So, every Tuesday we encourage you to make a HUGE effort to walk ,carpool,park and stride or cycle to school.

Maria Mc Loone

4th class

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