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Made by Maria

This poem was written by Maria Mc Loone and was published in the Sunday Business Post 'Made by Kids' magazine yesterday. Amazing job Maria! You have been published in a national newspaper- so impressive.


All my life I’ve loved

Relaxing and having a look,

Inside the magical pages

Of many wonderful books.

I would go to Hogwarts,

Make potions, cast spells.

Poor Neville Longbottom

Never did them well.

Or perhaps I’d go

Through a dusty old wardrobe.

In Narnia the snow swirls

Like a shaken snowglobe.

Through a hidden door

To a garden full of roses;

It’s full of Magic,

Young Mary supposes.

I could visit Miss Minchin’s.

I’d meet Sara and Becky.

I feel sorry for them.

They’re very unlucky.

In Wonka’s chocolate factory

There’s plenty to eat.

I really wish that I had

A year’s supply of sweets.

I’d visit the prairie,

To find a small house,

Where once Laura’s Pa’s hair

Was cut by a mouse.

I might visit Wonderland

Though I’d like to keep my head!

All these worlds you can explore

From the comfort of your bed.

So don’t turn on your phone tonight,

Open a book instead.

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