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Standardised Testing

The Standardised test are the MICRA- T which is a reading test and the SIGMA-T is a Mathematics test.

The Micra T & Sigma T Tests are standardised tests done in schools in Ireland during May or June. They are a test to see how pupils are performing against their peers in the school and nationally.

Standard scores usually range from 55 to 145 with the average score being 100.

STen scores are derived from Standard scores and give a ten-point scale with 1 representing the lowest category and 10 the highest. You will have a STen result on your report so this is what it means.

Interpreting Standard Scores:

Range Descriptor 130 & above Well above average 120 – 129 Above average 110 – 119 High average 90 – 109 Average 80 – 89 Low average 70 – 79 Below average Below 70 Well below average

Interpreting STEN Scores:

Standard Score Range STEN Score Range Descriptor

Standardised Score STen

116 & Above 8 – 10 Well above average 108 – 115 7 High average 93 – 107 5 – 6 Average 85 – 92 4 Low average 84 & below 1 – 3 Well below average

These are only a snapshot of a child's progress and they are one element of the child's learning and understanding. Your teacher will be able to give you a much fuller picture of the child's progress.


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